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 School is almost out. In fact, for most places, there are but 10 days (or perhaps less) left of the school year. So, now your days may be filled with (more) play dates, sports events, sleep-overs and other summer activities. To make it easier to save time, here are some money savers as well as some Shallow Pocket Tips that are sure to help!

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Shallow Pocket Tips
Enjoy the good times this summer without breaking the budget. Here are a few ways to make saving money while having fun this summer possible.
  • Invite your friends over and have a home movie night. No, that doesn’t mean you should pull out the old reel to reel movies and VHS tapes (remember these items?) and show pics from last year’s vacation! But, rather than spending money at the movies why not rent an oldie goldie, ask everyone to bring their favorite movie food and spend an evening visiting and watching a movie. If you have a privacy fence or an area where you could set up a large sheet, consider renting a projector and showing the movie outside and invite the neighbors for a Neighbor Movie Night.


  • If it’s a rainy day and the kids are clamoring for something do, why not have an indoor picnic. Just spread a blanket out on the floor and serve a picnic meal inside. This is especially cool to younger children and gives you an opportunity to do some family bonding.


  • Rather than spending money at the local ice cream parlor, purchase some Neapolitan (or couple half-gallons of the family faves) along with some fun toppings and have an ice cream sundae night.  For the same (or perhaps slightly more than) the cost of 1 visit to the ice cream parlor you can get everything you need to have 2-3 sundae nights at home.


  • Get to know your city! Check out the free museums, state parks, etc. that are within driving distance and make some fun memories together.


  • Put those Kellogg’s coupons to good use and make breakfast dinner. Items like  scrambled eggs, toast, hash browns and even cereal are perfectly acceptable for dinner and can save you time after a long day at work.


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