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Coupon Newsletter GuyDo you have a hobby? Perhaps it is hiking quiet mountain trails or canoeing the waterways of your region? Maybe it is reading or scrapbooking. Whatever it is, having a hobby is a great way to relax and rejuvenate the senses. And, despite a pace where it seems there is always something else to be done, it is important to carve out some time to “chillax”. Here are some ways and coupons to help you save money the next time you set out to enjoy your favorite hobby.
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Do you love to follow the call of nature? Perhaps you prefer time out on the field? To save money on your next sporting adventure check you Dicks Sporting Goods and use the code AFL7982 to save 15% off one item.
Do you love to scrapbook? Then check out Ritz Camera to save 20% on your supplies. 

Shallow Pocket Tips
Shallow Pocket TipsHaving a hobby, doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some tips for saving money on the things you do to relax:
Network with others who share your passion. Chances are you can get many high dollar items for less or be able to borrow them rather than buy them.
Learn to be an avid recycler. While this may be common for some hobbyist-especially those who do paper, natural material or fabric crafts, there are many other ways to save money by recycling or re-commandeering an item.
Reading is, for many people, more than just a hobby. However, always having the latest book by your favorite author can get expensive. Take advantage of sites like Paperback Book Swap or purchase a Barnes & Noble membership card.
If you are an educator, you can get a discount card at many stores for free or at a reduced cost. 
Consider a hobby that can be turned into a business. Many a scrapbooker, woodworker, photographer and other hobbyist have turned their “little hobby” into a business. You just have to be open to new opportunities.

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